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Send us a detailed introduction including the listed information.


One of our agents will have an in depth look at your briefing and will decide whether the project fits both parties conditions and requirements. If it is a match, a meeting will be scheduled (in person or via phone call, Skype/Hangouts/etc) to discuss how the project should proceed.


One of our agents will discuss approaches and concepts with you in order to start the path of creating your dream website. Please be sure to have some ideas in mind before the appointed meeting, there will only be one meeting.


Our web design team will work on the direction you and our agent discussed in the meeting. This step of the process will be solely on concept and design, you will be provided with a moodboard or 2-3 screens showcasing the look and feel of the final product. If additional showcases are needed, there will be an extra cost of $120 for additional showcases.


After the design stage, a video will be sent so you can view the current status of your site.


After your approval, we will test your site on multiple browsers and devices to fix overlooked errors for quality assurance. Your site will be ready for the web!


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