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                 PLAN IS HELPFUL?

Have Us Do It for You

Request from the NLC team! Our site care plan includes an hourly rate of fifty dollars that varies according to the package you choose. This can often be hours of fixes and updates, along with recommendations for site success based on our observations. 

SEED PACKAGE: 1-2 hours – $75/hr
ROOT OF JESSE PACKAGE: 3-5 hours – $65/hr
LILY OF THE VALLEY PACKAGE: 6-9 hours – $55/hr
TREE OF LIFE PACKAGE: 10 hours or more – $45/hr

We provide website maintenance plans packages that support the overall health and performance of your website. NLC offers a website maintenance program that is flexible enough to fit your needs. 

Do It Yourself

Money doesn't grow on trees, we understand that. Our one-time DIY program (NLC Workshops) gives you the tools you to maintain your website yourself. When you have a small budget one of the best ways to save is to keep all web maintenance to yourself. This is also helpful if you need something done right away and you don't want to wait on your one of our developers to get it done.

NLC team offers NLC Workshops via webinar platforms like ZOOM, GoToWebinar, SKYPE, ClickMeeting that requires a screen sharing feature to consult with you on your particular web maintenance needs and develop a training manual to suit your needs. We can also conduct NLC Workshops at your place of business and it can be attended by as many of your employees as needed. This includes an hourly rate of seventy-five dollars.




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